Holistic Artificial Intelligence

We are using our advanced AI to serve as the backbone of a unique AIaaS (AI-as-a-Service) platform to help people, companies and countries.

About Symbiogent

Our Mission

Symbiogent’s mission is to evolve and empower humanity through innovative technologies.


Core Features
to Tackle Tough Problems

Our platform will power applications across multiple industries to address real challenges.

Our first couple applications will be an app to address the growing issue of mental health and a web application that will deliver potent assisted decision making for business by uncovering contextual data across massive data sets.

Assisted Cognition

Our hybrid cognitive framework is designed to uncover insights that map to human behaviour that lead to better decisions.

Processor & Energy Efficient

A unique architecture that consumes a fraction of the energy and produces a minuscule carbon footprint when compared to traditional neural network training.

Managed Machine Learning

Our models are built to adapt over time and learn from varied data sets, with tools to build rich ML capabilities.

Cognitive Computing APIs

No-code additions to your most challenging problems using data analytics and data science.